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I'm going to write side stories once everyone tells me what do they wish to see for Vol. So PM me with what you'd like to know.(Characters that might or might not be in future chapters or stories)(Characters used are in bold)Tomas Williams: Former DEA agent/ Interpol agent (SM)Dark Captain: Former Negaverse General turned Silver Millennium General and ally to the Sailor Senshi (SM)Blaze: Kage-level jounin in New Whirlpool. 1 & 2, Jade Whirlpool)Enforcer Prime: Leader of the Cosmicbots. Instead, he had her hug him and tell him she loved him one last time. Then again most people aren't kidnapped at age eight, rescued by and then soul bound to super-powered girls from another world. A group in exile finds themselves on a world that combines the best of magic and technology.(TF: M)Jiro Kintonami: Captain of the Black Squad, a black ops shingami team in Soul Socitey (Bleach)Alan Roberts: Ghost hunter saved by Danny Phantom (DP)Dominic Williams: Exchange Student MMA fighter in love with Maya Natsumi (TT)Jackson Tomas: Master of Anything Goes football, Ranma’s senpai (R .5)Anubis: Egyptian God of Death in love with Urd. MS)Jax Williams: Black Patriot owner of a bar and grill. Then he had her put his helmet on so she would live even if it meant he would die. I don't swing THAT way, but he's handsome.3) What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant? See what happens when a White Knight is drawn into a conflict where he's supposed to sit back and watch his loved ones fight. Rated M for possible Language, violence and adult situatons. To make it worse, Naruto is unaware of what's transpiring. But that's not the only thing in this world as dark forces plot and monsters roam a land of peace. During the battle with Pain, Naruto hears Hinata's confession.Angel Feathers: Ron is adopted by the Stoppables not knowing his true species. T for now Daniel Fenton burned away from Danny like a snake's skin was shed, in favor of a new entity. For years now Gotham has been protected by the Batwoman against it's criminal element.He is an Angel Addocubi, related to the Anesland Clan.(City of Heroes)World of Heroes: A young man gets a new game from a friend that changes his life forever.(Gurren Laggan)Ain’t gonna happen: Thanks to the final fight with the anti-spirals, Simon gains the power of the gods allow the anti-spirals to try and get the power back.(Ranma)Ultimate Ranma: The same trip but a huge difference, instead of getting knocked in the spring of drowned girl he got hung on to a pole and was dipped in to spring in which a man drowned in and was flung back into more male drowned springs becoming a true force of nature. He rejected and hid his past, determined to never be found. Now a new player has appeared, a vigilante that isn't above lethal force and begins tearing a bloody swath through Gotham's underbelly.(Pat)Devon Angelus: True Excalibur bearer, Masame’s husband. If you would do the same for the person you love, copy and paste this into your profile.xxxxx Put this on your page if you love NARUTO X HINATA(and to help them gain world domination mu haha MU AHAHA) (ALL HAIL FANDOM!! I don't like Mpregs, now if you said eight and twelve, then I see eight panicing.4) Do you recall any fics about Nine? Shao Kahn had ultimately failed in his pursuit for Earthrealmm, his defiance of the gods his undoing. Years ago he was killed by the dark Lord Voldemort when the protection ritual his mother used failed, transforming her into Poison Ivy. Between their 5th and 6th years, Harry and Hermione meet someone who will change the course of their lives and ultimately help finish Voldemort. Now, with the upcoming war looming he must decide if love will make him stronger, or lead to his downfall.(Witch: Ani)Bastion Smith: A wanted assassin by every gang leader in Roanpor and ‘Club’ champion ten years running. Lag.)T’omas: Ruler of Wakanda, Sailor Storm’s husband. (SR)Jessie Herandez: A Latino version of Luke Cage that’s a were-cougar. 2)Chuck Norris Facts Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. )Number your 12 fave Naruto characters (In no order) and answer the questions!! Yeah, some of them are my fave ones are with one.5) Would Two and Six make a good couple? Now his vast powers and knowledge were bestowed upon an abused and neglected child. A tyrant, like Shao Kahn, or will he follow his own path? Naruto Character Death During one of Naruto's more brutal beating, a Goddess reaches out to help him. Brought back by his mother with a combination of science and sorcery as the son of Ocean Master and Poison Ivy, will Harry rise above his tragic past, or will he fall to the darkness that lives in every one of us? But war isn't the only problem as his home becomes threatened by one of its' oldest clans.)Poll Results: 62 to 37 For Harem, thank you all for voting. Relationships in 'New Whirlpool'Kibax Jun(oc)Shikax Raiko(oc)Haganex Aya(TT)Rimarux Maya(TT)Arashix Taicho(oc)Musakax Hinaru(oc)Leex Tora(oc)Chojix Naruko(oc, new Meatloaf and Gwen)Minatox Kushina(cannon)Danx Tsunade(cannon)Blaze(oc)x Kurenai(She’s got Jungle Fever, she’s got Jungle Fever…. In this new world, will Jaune Arc make a name for himself and possibly find love, or will he be crushed by this world's darkness? Romance blossoms between the two and they start dating. Danny/ Harley Quinn main pairing, with Sam and Kwan as a minor pairing.

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While we were chasing them down, we ran into your father. With the aid of his him and his team, we were able to capture them. She's even provided him with a house in return for looking after some people for her whilst he tries to find a way back home. Now, alone and heartbroken, he must no longer look back at what he lost, but to look at the present and future, because with great power comes great responsibility. What will happen when he waked up in a shrine for the Nether realm Specter Scorpion? Will he ever forgive the civilians and ninja of the village?That's what really ticks me off the most and all you Sasuke fans out there know I'm right. I do not own anything, so please enjoy: Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Furry edition. My true name is Har-Zod, and this is how my legend began.If not IM me and to quote the late, great Chris Beniot, 'Prove me wrong! She has existed before the kingdoms, before Dust, before Aura and even before the Grimm.The only way I'll read and enjoy a Naru/Sasu fic is if Sasuke is actually a female. Luffy is about to turn the world of One Piece upside down with his ship called the Iowa.

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All you RYFG's out there can hate me all you want but you will never see me write a Yaoi fic just to please you. Luffy will kind of have a harem and he will receive new crew members. This story is similar to my story USS Iowa and One Piece but changed a bit.

Item #1: Kishimoto(can't remember his full name), I hope someone ties him up behind the back of a speeding bullet train while TRUE anime fans puts rabbid, foaming at the mouth, raccoons down his pants! The Academies, The Atlas Government, The White Fang, Mistral's black market and crime underworld.