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The feast day of the Virgin of Suyapa, Honduras's patron saint, is on February 2.In the basilica in Suyapa there is a tiny wooden image of her that is believed to have miraculous powers.A folklore belief common throughout Central America is that a human being and a spirit, usually an animal, are so closely connected that they share the same soul. This belief is not as widespread in Honduras, however, as it is in neighboring Guatemala.Honduran folktales are about a variety of spirits, many of whom live in wells or caves.Of the secular, or nonreligious, holidays, the most important are Independence Day on September 15, and the birthday of national leader Francisco Morazán on October 3.He was the last president of the United Provinces of Central America, a federation that only lasted from 1823 to 1842.Most infants are baptized and the baptism is usually followed by a celebration.

Its numerous valleys are used for agriculture and raising livestock.

One popular story is about El Duende, an imp with a big sombrero, red trousers and a blue jacket, who courts pretty young girls by tossing pebbles at them.

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