Adult bible rehab camps

25-Jun-2016 16:59

I can’t emphasize it enough, how impacting this is! I listened this morning as I received tips on how to pray and seek GOD for answers. God is getting His soldiers in line with Heavenly agencies to finish the work!

When you feel like you need a revival, but you aren’t sure how God is going to do it, just move forward in faith in prayer…was this, of all things – not a Bible study or sermon, or listen to Bible, but actually learning to be ON MY KNEES and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to work that has changed my life! – Anonymous I’ve been in many prayer groups, however I was always ashamed to speak out my prayer requests or my thanks giving to the Lord. As I woke up a few minutes ago – this thought came to mind and I am struggling to put it into the right words at this hour. ” “This was an eye-opening start to my journey of Bible study and devotion to the time spent alone with my Lord.” “God has incredibly blessed and renewed my love for His Word through this conference.

I had decided I don’t want to keep going to different revival camp meetings and conferences and then go back home the same person.

I told myself, “I know what it’s all about already!

Today I felt empowered by the Holy Spirit and I Let Go and Let GOD! This is what we call, in the ARME Unit Manual, “Effective CPR! The experience at Leoni, ARME – it was like a small Pentecost. As I was reading this, one of the last emails that David Gates sent out came to mind – he spoke about how people would soon be giving everything to share Jesus. I love Him so much.” “Through Pastor Myers (and the others) my heart and mind has been transformed and equipped to see Christ in ALL of the Scriptures.

My faith level was boosted higher then it’s ever been. This experience at ARME has not only revived me, but encourage me to help revive my family and my church. I first went to Canby and now came to Leoni Meadows. About a year and a half ago, I was smoking pot every day, all day. There were people there from a great diversity of places and each one going home has not been able to contain their experience or their joy of the time spent at Leoni with Jesus in prayer. Are 4 camps next year going to be enough as the fire spreads? Praise the Lord.” “An awesome experience packed to overflowing of vital spiritual food that I will have to digest for many months.

Also, our grand experience at ARME gave us a new focus of building relationships, with Jesus and with others rather than being so focused on the end-time. I felt 100% safe leaving my children with the Heir Force staff. If you need a great spiritual renewal and revitalization or if you just want to revolutionize the way you pray and study, ARME Bible Camp is the answer! I loved how caring the ARME staff is and how they truly build a family atmosphere at this camp. I have never understood the old testament like I do now. I was dried bones when I got here, but I leave with “Heart Burn! The inspirational sermons and training renewed my hope and belief that God can use even me. – Derrick Coming to ARME inspired me and gave me the tools to study the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy more effectively and to have a more intimate prayer life. I was actually gleaning deep thoughts from the Word and seeing God apply it to my heart…I felt that this ARME far surpassed Soquel (although I loved that too) but I really do feel equipped to study on my own now and I would love to help your ARME ministry in any way I can. I will definitely go home and share what God has taught me here at ARME! – Anonymous The following testimony is from Weimar Academy staff – over 55 students attended ARME in Leoni Meadows, CA as a Start-off to their school year: The students really enjoyed serving with the ARME team in the video, sound, prayer, clerical and other departments.

Then we decided to do something to reach our community, so we organized a meeting to show “Forks over Knives” at a local community hall. And my two children made decision to follow Jesus during this camp. I went with a family member in February (2013) and it was the best money we ever spent! I’ve learned how to study my Bible deeply and how to see Jesus in everything. – Anonymous Just want to give a huge THANK YOU to the ARME staff for their sacrifice, dedication, patience, and cheerfulness in all situations. There are 21 Spanish speaking countries throughout the world that need this ministry. Because of this I will be a more effective witness of God’s love, of Redemption, and of our special end-time message. I’m already praying for all the people I want to go through…a year a way seems too long? Anyway, thank you for all your hard work in making it what it was…The prayer room was such a necessary and precious component to add. – Raquel R Some of the things I liked most about ARME was: the lessons from the speakers, the am group prayer time, and the love of Jesus I felt in the United Prayer. The united prayer was also an amazing experience for the students at Weimar. I am determined, after coming to ARME, to change my life and go boldly to spread the truth. I came here seeking to understand the Bible even deeper and the 5 dimensions workshop definitely did that for me!

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When I heard this year another ARME was being held at Leoni meadows, I immediately signed up.

As a result, I ended up going up to the Bible camp in Oregon and there made the decision to get re-baptized. So because they had gone to ARMe Bible camp, they learned the tools that they needed to have to bring me back to the place where I needed to be to realize that I could be re-baptized and here I am again…reaping the amazing blessings that are here, and just listening to the amazing messages that God is speaking through His speakers.

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